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PCC is the backbone of power distribution in every industry. The power from the Transformer is fed through bus ducts into PCC, including the main protection devices for the entire system like Air circuit breakers, Fuse switch units etc. Electrical Power Control Center includes the Main bus bar of the whole system. All the main protections are provided in this panel. From this panel the power is distributed to various subdistribution panels. The panel comes with custom-built designs as per the specifications of the clients.


•  Easy to operate
•  Maintenance free
•  Longer working life
•  High performance

Application : Protection & Control of power Distribution
Operational Current   : 4000A
Operational Voltage : 415v
Rated insulation voltage : 690v
Ambient Temperature     : As per IS Standard
Type test Performed  : Temp Rise Withstand
Short Circuit Withstand
Degree of Protection
Configuration  : Fixed Type
Enclosure Type : Indoor/Outdoor
Bus bar : Electrolytic Grade Aluminium/Copper
Housing : 14/16 SWG

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