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•  Glare-free twin lighting heads which are 180 degrees rotatable
    and Bidirectional
•  Halogen and LED lamps can be placed in the heads
•  Can be mounted in wall, surface and ceiling
•  7Ah sealed maintenance free battery to hold the power
•  Fully automatic solid state charging mechanism ensures long battery life
•  Fuse protection is provided to safeguard the device during
    power uncertainties
•  A switch for testing, individual head light ON/OFF switch and
    LED indications for charging/emergency are provided
•  Corrosion resistant metal outer cover
•  Legendary codes(such as EXIT, etc) with lights can be inbuilt in the
    Indoor model
•  ISO 9001:2015, and CE certification proves the product quality
Power I/P: AC - 220 V, 50 HZ ± 5%
 : DC - 12 V
Housing: CRCA Sheet
Power Consumption: 12 Watt LED 70 Watt Hydrogen
Weight: 7 KG (With Battery)
Dimensions: 350 x 285 x 120 mm
Colour: White
Battery Backup: 5 Hour LED 2 Hour Hydrogen
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