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•  Operate on 230V, 50Hz AC supply
•  Fire/Fault status in unambiguous colored LED indications
•  External S/W for Reset, Silence, Lamp test
•  Relay O/P for actuators
•  New attractive look with zone wise LED indication
•  All Zones can be enable/disable through keypad
•  16 x 2 Line Dot Matrix LCD Display
•  2/4 Zone Fire Alarm Panel
•  Inbuilt battery charger & Battery space facility
•  Protected from Hi-Voltage, Over load, short circuit
•  Provision for Mimic Panel
•  Auto Dialer connectivity facility
•  Extra potential free contact for fire & fault
•  Password facility available for panel monitoring
•  Zone wise sounder or common hooter facility
•  Automatic silence facility
•  Hooter line fault indication facility
•  Reverse Battery Protection
•  Compatible with any make Smoke & Heat Detector
Panel Operating Condition Operating Voltage
AC Power: 220v AC, 50Hz 10%
Standby: 24 V DC
Operating Temperature: 0C to 55C
Operating Humidity: 95% (non-condensing)
Zone Operating Condition
Normal Loop Voltage: 23 V DC to 24 V DC
Open Threshold Current: 4.4 mA
Short Threshold Current: 35 mA
Fire Threshold Current: 15-35 mA
Alarm Outputs: 1A (24 V DC) (Normal)
NB: Hooter output current can be increased as per customer requirement.
Remote Outputs
Fire Contact1 (C,NO,NC): 240v AC/24v DC@ 7 Amp
Fault Contact (C,NO,NC): 240v AC/24v DC@ 7 Amp
Weight without Battery: 8 Kg
Size: 355x250x110mm
Color: White
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